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Do you ever wish you could just sit casually with an interior designer and talk about what you like, what you're pinning,  and play around with the materials on their desk?   

Well grab your coffee mug cuz 



This is a totally new service in the interior design industry!  So let us explain a bit.  We're REINVENTING your access to pro interior designers by offering hourly consulting.  You can book time with us by the hour to just chat about your project.  Whether it's a one room remodel, an entire new build home, or a vacation rental redo, we can help you pull your ideas together fast. 


Leverage the experience of professional designers to cut your sourcing and design time in half.  Instead of spending countless hours researching, get fast answers so you can move your ideas forward with confidence.  


- You want to save time sourcing products and materials

- You want to save money by avoiding costly mistakes

- You want an interior or exterior color consultation 

- You aren't sure how to deal with that awkward room or wall

- You're overwhelmed by your project and need direction

- You want some fast advice on staging your home to sell

- You want a second set of eyes on your design choices

- You're trying to pick an exterior paint color

- You need a tie breaker (wink, wink) 

- You need help answering questions your contractor is asking you


Think of this like "1-800-Design-Help!"  

you've come to the right place!


The same reason you'd call your accountant friend to ask about tax prep before you file your taxes.  We're experts that can save you time, money and frustration!  We have over 13 years of professional interior design experience, access to hundreds (maybe thousands, we haven't counted in a while), of product and material resources, a general idea of cost drivers, technical knowledge of materials and how to use them.  Tap our knowledge without having to commit to a huge design fee!


- An oddly shaped attic/bonus room repurpose (input on ideas combining office and guest room functions)

- A front yard and porch remodel  (input on landscaping, entry door, decking materials, colors and furniture)

- An awkward fireplace wall (input on how to improve storage, sourcing and placement of art and repainting)

Michele Beasley 

Franklin, TN

Covid19 did not stop my house from selling! 


Hot Pencil helped me stage my house and it sold for asking price in less than a week!  They told us how to rearrange our existing furniture, create focus on the best features of our home, prep for photography and helped us shop for updated art/accessories to make every space feel organized and fresh.  This was a great experience!

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