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If you're looking for help with furniture, rugs, paint and lighting for one or more rooms



This exciting DIY design experience allows us to collaborate with you regardless of your location or budget!  We provide you with a simple master plan for creating a professionally designed space that you can implement at your own pace. 



We'll help you decrease shopping overwhelm. We know just where to look in our hundreds of resources for your perfect look.

No working around in-person appointments (read yoga pants)

No running around to stores wondering if things will fit and returning what doesn't.


This is an affordable way to work with a pro and avoid costly mistakes and rework.  You'll know your design cost up front!



Leverage the experience of professional designers to source and locate your finishes, planning, furniture and answer design questions that you'll spend countless hours researching yourself.

A one-room project design can be complete in as little as 2 weeks. 

You'll get fast and accurate delivery of your design plan through email. 


Don't worry we'll walk you through everything!  Scroll to see how the process works. We charge an hourly design fee but a flat fee may apply on a per project basis.

you've come to the right place.

How It Works


Complete an online questionnaire

Reach out to us with the contact link above and you'll receive an email with a link to an online questionnaire that will help us to understand your style and all of the details about your project.  


Receive Design Concepts

Once we receive all of your project information, you'll receive a Design Board showing initial furniture selections, recommended paint colors and more.  This usually takes about a week.


Leave Feedback & Collaborate

We'll share your Design Board(s) with you through our online portal, where you'll be able to review and comment on everything at your convenience!  We'll provide re-selections on each item so that we get everything just right for your space!



Shop Away!

Once the design has been finalized, we will send you an itemized shopping list, with links to all of the products.  You'll take it from there to order and put together your beautiful new space at your convenience!

e-style sample board



e-furniture sample board


We'll send samples to your home!

finish sample board
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